The moon hangs heavy and full on the horizon. The midnight black sky is dotted with glittering stars. In the hot tub, warm water is pulsing and soft lights are glowing. In short, the stage is set for a romantic night. Hot tubs are ideal for spending some quiet quality time with that special someone. Add in some music and some candle light add get ready for some fireworks.


A Little Twinkle in the Skies… and in the Eyes in Whitby and Toronto

In the world we live in, we are often overwhelmed by the sheer magnitude of things we have to take care of. As more and more tasks fall into our laps, we often begin neglecting our personal life – particularly our spouses or partners.

Long gone are the days of 9 – 5 work. They have been replaced with around the clock access to emails and work computers. At first glance, taking a few moments to focus on our relationships may seem like an unnecessary waste of time, but nothing could be further from the truth. Turning to spas for relaxation is one such way to reconnect.

A romantic evening in the hot tub doesn’t have to be fancy. From a simple evening of star gazing to a more elaborate set-up with candles and soft music, putting the twinkle back into your relationship is easier with a hot tub.

Get Away to the Whitby and Toronto Backyard

Turning off the noise of everyday life doesn’t have to mean an expensive get away. Instead, plan a quiet evening in the backyard. The spa can become even more intimate with spa accessories such as a floating table or a spa caddy to hold candles and drinks. Add in soft spa lighting and a spa radio to create an ambiance of romance and intimacy. Sit back, enjoy the hot tub, talk, catch up, and reconnect with your partner.

All it Takes is Time

Hot tubs provide the perfect place to relax and reconnect because they are designed to help put the body at ease. Spending 20 minutes a night several times a week can help both you and your partner relax physically and sleep better, while giving you quality time alone. Don’t underestimate the benefits of all three on you, your relationships, and even your work.

The hot tub is for more than just family parties. Instead, turn to the spa whenever you need to reconnect with your spouse or partner. Enjoy the moon, the company, and the peace that comes from 20 minutes without any distractions.