Sooner is better than later.

If you’re like most people who’ve just bought a hot tub, you likely can’t wait to take delivery in order to start enjoying its many benefits. Then, there’s always this question: “When should the spa be delivered?” Some of the typical delays can include landscaping work that has yet to be completed, maybe the deck isn’t quite built to the level you’d like or more often than not, or the electrical work hasn’t been confirmed.

Here are some revealing insights into why having your hot tub delivered – even before these so-called “hurdles” come up – can actually work to your advantage:


  • Delivering a hot tub before your landscaping work is completed can have numerous advantages. For example, you’ll be able to place the spa in its desired location without trampling and potentially damaging the newly laid sod and perennials. Keep in mind that most hot tubs can have a dry weight of up to 1,200 pounds (544.3 kg) – 1,400 pounds (635 kg) if you factor in the weight of the spa dolly.
  • If there are few or no obstructions when delivering the hot tub, this will make for a more efficient installation. The delivery crew will also be less stressed since they won’t be worried about damaging existing features or structures.
  • By installing your hot tub prior to completing the landscaping, you’ll be able to immediately enjoy the therapeutic and lifestyle benefits associated with spas, and increased bliss from watching your backyard oasis come to life!

Contractors’ Delays

  • One way to avoid this trap is to be proactive. Case in point: If you’re planning to pour a concrete pad, then it’s a good idea to plan the work well in advance of the scheduled spa delivery date.  This will ensure that all the pieces fall into place.
  • Make sure that your hot tub seller conducts a physical site survey. The seller will be able to identify any unforeseen delivery obstructions and if necessary, suggest workable alternatives. As it relates to electrical work, the site survey process can be invaluable when it comes to knowing the best location to place the 240 V / 50 AMP GFCI panel box. To get ahead of the curve, you may want to purchase the GFCI prior to avoid a back-order situation. Your Certified Journeyman Electrician should be knowledgeable and know your local codes or guidelines, so your hot tub is ready to enjoy after installation!
  • Placing your hot tub on a deck before it’s completed can be beneficial, especially if the intent is to build flower boxes or install deck railings around the spa. If the hot tub is nicely positioned in its resting place, it’s a lot easier for tradespeople to “customize” your deck after the fact. However, be sure that the deck has adequate floor load or tensile support.

Having no plan is a plan to fail

By having a master plan that takes into account the hurdles mentioned in this blog, you’ll likely eliminate each and every one of them. If possible, draw a layout of how you envision the placement of your hot tub.  While the entire delivery process is not difficult, it will require some creativity on your part.