This is the coldest and snowiest winter the GTA and Durham Region has had in a decade. What better way to enjoy it and stay warm than with a hot tub or spa from Arctic Spas Durham.


Most people are aware that the winter is the most enjoyable time to use a Hot Tub. What most are unaware of is that it is possible to have one installed during the winter season. Here at Arctic Spas Durham in Whitby, ON we have our delivery staff available all year long. We do not let the cold and snow stop us from getting our customers into Hot Water.

We have been delivering spas and hot tubs all winter long. On February 5th, 2014 the Toronto area received the largest snowfall of the year. Our team was out and the Ludwig family will be able to soak their sore muscles from all that shoveling in their new hot tub from Arctic Spas Durham. On February 6th, we are at it again in Lindsay, ON and the James Family will be enjoying their new spa in no time.

Whether you ski, snowboard, icefish or watch football in the winter months, nothing starts or ends a day better than in your Hot Tub from Arctic Spas.