It seems to be the nature of the beast that most of us want the latest in technology and the newest look! All the extra bells and whistles that come with new things that were not available when we made our initial purchase. This goes for everything- furniture, vehicles, clothing and even Hot tubs!

With technology ever changing, it’s hard for things built today to not seem “disposable”. However, that does not mean it needs to be a landfill! This is where a hot tub from Arctic Spas Durham has an advantage over the rest.


You can trade your spa in and upgrade, and someone can enjoy your now previously enjoyed spa.

Unlike most spas on the market an Arctic Spa hot tub has a great resale value. Because an Arctic Spa has a shell that is built to last a lifetime, a solid self- supporting floor and access to the entire workings of the spa, including plumbing, equipment and shell, we can literally maintain every component it so it can be enjoyed over and over for many years. Our hot tubs are simply built to last! A full foam spa or a spa that cannot be easily serviced does not have this option and therefore carries little to no resale value and will most likely become landfill.

So now here is the question. Do you wish to upgrade your present spa or trade it in for a new model? Maybe your needs have changed, family is larger or smaller.

We can make it easy for your decision either way. We have many previously enjoyed spas being purchased throughout the year, and we have a team of service people ready to take care of your upgrading needs! You tell us!

Some of our Upgraded Spas in 2014 are in Courtice, Oshawa, Whitby, Ajax, Pickering, GTA, Kawartha, and surrounding cottage country!


Upgrade-Smith-Frontier-to-yukon2 Smith-Frontier-to-new-customer2