swimspa-family ocean-swim-spa-steps-cover-lifter-snowThis is the time year to get out of your summer time blues and decide that Canada is just too darn cold to invest ##CURRENCY_SYMBOL##50000 or more into a pool that you can only use for 3 months! Not interested in having your hefty investment under a tarp for 9 months of the year or just sitting unused because the summer is a little chilly? WE HAVE THE SOLUTION FOR YOU!

Have you heard of an ALL WEATHER POOL?

Did you know that Arctic Spas All Weather Pools are built for CANADIAN WINTERS? The worst of the worst…BRING IT ON!

Built by the most reputable Hot Tub Company in the world – Arctic Spas, we bring to you a pool you can ENJOY EVERY DAY, EVERY SEASON in your own backyard! Set the temperature high in the winter and low in the summer. Reap the benefits of Aquatic Fitness and Hot Tub Therapy all in one, all year at a fraction of the cost of traditional in ground swimming pool.

Whether you’re a professional swimmer, leisure swimmer, recovering from an accident or surgery, wanting to get fit or stay fit, or a family looking for the most quality time you can get with family and friends, an All Weather Pool is for you!

There are numerous benefits to owning a swim spa. How about a vacation in your backyard whenever you want? Pool parties in Winter, Spring, Summer and Fall? Christmas pool party anyone? OH YA! Just imagine opening presents after Santa has come making a fresh batch of hot chocolate and jumping into the pool with the kids? Or… waiting for Santa after the kids have gone to bed, and having a swim under the stars with snowflakes gently falling on your head? MAGICAL!

Do you have kids that start off in the summer scared of the water? Then as summer goes on they get better and better, then sure enough, winter is upon us they don’t get swimming for months and then you’re at step one with them again? Your kids can train for the Olympics in your All Weather pool  or… just knowing that they are a strong swimmer and comfortable around the water is assuring on its own.

Let’s talk about health benefits? 

*Improve cardiovascular health

* Improve strength and endurance,

*Lose weight,

*Recover from working out faster,

*Work out and get high impact results with low impact on your body

*Physio therapy- recovering from accidents, surgery and more

*Speed up recovery from illness.

*Help circulation therefore assisting in diabetes patients,

*Helping with nerve damage and so much more.

How much is your good health worth?