Klonowski Ocean Grey Richmond Hill Klonowski Arctic Ocean Grey Richmond HillThere is no better way to spend your summer nights then sitting in your new hot tub by Arctic Spas Durham. After an amazing barbeque with friends and family, maybe around a fire at the cottage or at the end of a hot summer day you can sit back and relax with loved ones in your life.

Turn up the tunes with your option of the Bluetooth Wet tunes Stereo for Arctic Spas or Coyote FX Stereo Sytem . Enjoy one of the amazing light packages on the Arctic Spa – Northern Lights, Family Lights or Ultimate Lighting.

The Coyote Spas uses Precision Beam Diffusion LED technology to deliver perfectly mixed true colour.

Beyond the beautiful aesthetics of lighting, cabinetry and impressive sound system, there are the features offered that make your purchase decision incomparable to the rest.

The new Spa Boy┬« system eases maintenance of your water like nothing else. Check it out – Our customers are loving it.

Our most popular Swim Spa of the season is The Arctic Ocean All Weather Pool. Swim with your friends and family or relax and soak your stresses away in the full therapy seats. This All Weather Pool is a win win for all!