The Truth About Spa Chemicals in Whitby and Toronto

Fact: you probably don’t need 50% of the spa chemicals you are told to buy. Why? Hot tub chemical manufacturers want you to buy more chemicals. At Arctic Spas our policy is to only sell you what you need so you tell all of your friends that we are the best place to shop for hot tub and spa products.

Here is a great example: Filter cleaner and clarifiers. If you use a traditional paper pleated filter it needs to be cleaned with a detergent every couple weeks or so. If you forget to clean it, the water can get cloudy because the filter is not filtering properly. The wrong solution is to use a water clarifier. Water clarifier is a silicone based liquid that makes particles stick together so the water appears clear for a few days. The cloudiness quickly comes back and more clarifier is needed unless something else is done. The better solution is to stop using a pleated paper filter and switch to a disposable DEPTH style filter. Depth filters trap a much smaller size particle and hold much more material than a thin paper filter. This will totally eliminate the need for filter cleaner and clarifiers, just by switching to a better filter. (And, no more cleaning dirty filters, just throw it in the recycle bin!). Less chemical, less cleaning, cleaner water. Perfect.