A great thank you letter from a new Arctic Spa Customer!

Congratulations to the Arctic Spa Durham team!

The young lads (Mike , Jessy and Andrew I think) pulled off a truly amazing move. Hauling my old Nahanni down off the deck without dumping it into and destroying the adjacent swimming pool was truly beyond belief. I actually had my camera ready to capture the event and was working out how to explain to my wife that we were getting a new pool or gazebo!

Luckily, I was able to round up a neighbour to help with the heavy work (he did fall into the pool).

A day later, all is well. The temp is 100F (haven’t figured out how to do C yet), the jets and lights are working perfectly, and the illuminated drink stations are big hit too!

Best regards,

Barb & Dave

Hauling Nahanni down off the deck

 Nahanni spa