Colquhon-Ocean-S-Brooklin-Mar514-1 Peacock-Ocean-S-Belleville-April-3014-1 Kitsch-Ocean-S-Newmarket-May-1414-1Any time of year these families will reap the benefits of swimming in their backyard at any temperature they desire. They will select the level of aquatic activity to stay active and fit all year. They have control in their hands to choose what type of massage therapy they want each and every day. Sore muscles will be taken care of. No more chills through the winter. Kids will swim all year round in the comfort of their own backyard. Pool parties while the snow falls on their hear!

How amazing is that?!

Arctic Spas Durham wishes to Welcome the Families Colquhon, Kitsch, and Peacock from Newmarket, Belleville and Brooklin!

Giving Families quality time one backyard at a time across the map!