Hot Tub Enclosures and Surrounds in Whitby and Toronto. The only place you can get an Arctic brand hot tub enclosure or surround is from an Arctic Spas dealer. We do not sell kits online or through big chain stores. Each Arctic Spa hot tub gazebo is hand made in Canada using clear Canadian red cedar using premium quality hardware and fasteners. We only sell through local retailers to ensure each customer gets quality advice and service, your guarantee of 100% satisfaction. If you are handy and want to build your own, Arctic gazebos can be purchased as a kit at a significant discount, but only through a local retailer to ensure you get service or advice as you need it. We sincerely believe Arctic brand hot tub enclosures are the best made and best looking available anywhere in the world. Swim Spa Enclosures NEW! Arctic now makes swim spa enclosures for their Arctic Ocean model swim spa. The 12×24 foot Habitat enclosure is made to the same extreme quality and design standards as the Arctic hot tub enclosures.