We offer a large selection of quality accessories for hot tubs and spas, including steps, side bars, robe trees, and much more. Most of our accessories are made to match the beautiful cedar cabinets on the Arctic Spas brand, but we also offer other colors and non-wood materials.

Did you know? Most hot tub parts and accessories in Whitby and Toronto are compatible with all brands.

That’s right, most pumps, heaters, controls, steps, chemical, and other accessories can be used in many different hot tub brands. At the very least, there is usually a part or component available that is compatible with your hot tub brand, often at a lower cost than the original part.

Each Arctic Spas dealer prides themselves on offering great service so if you need a hot tub part or accessory call or visit a dealer near you.

Insider Tip: You Probably Don’t Need A New Pump

Hot tub pump problems can usually be repaired-you probably don’t need a new pump! The two most common problems with hot tub pumps are the seals and the motor. The seals can be replaced usually for under ##CURRENCY_SYMBOL##100 and the motor can be rebuilt for under ##CURRENCY_SYMBOL##250, often less! Bring your old pump-any brand- to an Arctic Spas retail store and get a free estimate to repair or replace it.

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