Hi Gord and Rick
I wanted to bring to your attention the actions of Jackie Paulin. I’ve had several issues trying to balance the chemicals and I have tried everything including draining the tub on several occasions. It has been very challenging and frustrating making me second guess my decision of investing in a hot tub. What makes this more challenging is that your store is so far away from my home so it makes it difficult to get the water tested and speak to someone face to face.

I’ve recently connected with Jackie who has been absolutely amazing and helpful. I’ve been communicating with her several times per day after hours and on weekends and she has always responded to any of my questions. I’ve sent her pics of my dip stick test results and she has walked me through each of the next steps. I think we’ve finally gotten the chemicals to where we need it now if we could just get the water clear it would be great.

This email is to thank you for the excellent customer service that I have received and to recognize Jackie and thank her for her patience and assistance even when she is off duty.

Coming from an industry that focuses on Customer Service Excellence I felt that it is important for me to acknowledge Jackie and share this with you. She truly reflects the attributes of Customer Service Excellence.

Thank you
Enrico Pera