I keep meaning to write to you about how we are enjoying our new Kodiak Spa, and thank you for taking so much time to make sure we chose the best tub for what we need. I don’t think we could have found something more suited to our needs anywhere else.  As you know my wife has serious health issues, which is why we decided to purchase a hot tub. The combination of the heat, and pressure from the jets, has allowed her to cut her medication in half. The tub is also benefiting the rest of our family in unique ways as well.

For myself, it is relaxing tired muscles from the work day, and I believe I am getting better sleep from it. I also enjoy how easy it is to maintain the tub with the spaboy app on my phone. For my oldest son, he has had a lot of eczema issues and having the salt water system is much easier on his skin than chlorine would be. It is also much easier on the eyes for all the kids, and honestly, it is barely noticeable with any odour or saltiness. For my younger son, who has autism spectrum disorder, processing sensory input can have positive or negative outcomes, depending on what it is. He enjoys the fogger, especially in the evening with the lighting, and is really enjoying the Aqua Tremor sound system. He has always enjoyed music and this gives him a unique way to experience it.

I was underestimating just how powerful it really is, but when I am on the seat directly over it, the bass vibrations are like a massage. He has also repurposed the neck jets into a sprinkler by aiming them upwards. I just laugh when i see him do this. For my 4 year old daughter,  she isn’t too keen on the jets, because she likes to swim underwater with her eyes open. She is actually able to swim from one side to the other without support, and I think she may be ready to swim in larger pools. The Covana cover is such a great feature as well. In the day we like to have the shades up and enjoy the sun and breeze, and in the evening we have them down for some privacy. One of our favourite things to do is get all of us in the tub in the evening when the lighting shows the best, and just have laughs and fun together.  So from all of us to you and your amazing team, 

Thank you! 

Kodiak Spa